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Vic Nicholson
is an up and coming Classical Guitarist whose accomplished technique and clean playing is guaranteed to make a lasting impression on audiences whenever he performs.

Vic began playing the guitar in 1989 and first started with the electric playing in several bands as a lead guitarist. It was not until 1999 that he took an interest in the Classical Style and decided to fully commit to learn the instrument and to become a concert level guitarist.

Vic soon needed guidance and decided to take tuition. He began his studies with Pat Robinson of Prelude Guitar Studios, Carlisle. Immediately Pat saw an exceptional talent in Victor and under her tuition he achieved both grades 7, and 8 within 6 months of each other, achieving distinctions in both.

In 2000 Vic entered the Cumbria Music Festival and competed in the open age section of the Classical guitar prize competing against much more experienced players. He really impressed the judges and not only won the guitar prize but also won the most outstanding musician of the festival prize. Vic decided to enter the prize the following year and was successful once again.

In 2001 Pat urged him to take his studies to the next level and audition for a place in the Birmingham Conservatoire of Music in Birmingham. This opportunity would mean that Victor could study under one of his biggest influences, Simon Dinnigan ( The audition went extremely well and later that year he was sent notification of an unconditional offer to study at the Conservatoire. From this point on Vic never looked back.

In his time at the Conservatoire Victor studied under some of the worlds top professionals. First Simon Dinnigan, but then after his departure from the college Vic would study the rest of his time with another remarkable player, Mark Ashford ( Vic found this a challenge at first and Mark pushed him harder than anybody ever had before. Mark's tuition and inspiration had a very positive effect on Vic and his playing was beginning to become very polished indeed.

In 2005 Vic won the Birmingham Conservatoire Guitar prize, adjudicated under Gerald Garcia. He was also achieving distinctions in his performance examinations. The Classical guitarist John Mills who was the examiner at the Conservatoire at the time was very impressed with both Vic’s technique and musicality. In 2006 Vic was to become a finalist in the Ludlow Philharmonic Concerto Prize, beating all other string participants. This was down to an excellent performance of Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco,s Guitar Concerto in D Major, accompanied by Dr. Robert Markham.

Vic enjoyed a fantastic experience at the conservatoire and took every opportunity to perform. He has performed as a soloist, in a duo, and in a 12-piece guitar ensemble at the Bolivar Hall in London. In addition to Mark Ashford and Simon Dinnigan Vic has also received extra coaching from Mark Eden from the famous Eden/Stell Duo ( Since his time at the conservatoire he has joined forces with a wide selection of instrumentalists including flute, clarinet, cello and various vocalists. He has studied in Master classes under some of the world’s top classical guitarist such as Gary Ryan, Craig Ogden, Fabio Zannon, and many more.

In 2006 Vic graduated with a BMus honours degree from Birmingham Conservatoire. He now spends his time both playing and teaching guitar.

Vic was born in Cumbria, The Lake District and now lives in Birmingham.

He plays a 2014 Stephen Hill, African redwood, lattice guitar ( provided by Kent Guitar Classics ( .

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