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Although Vic is now strictly a classical guitarist he first began playing the electric lead guitar for over 10 years and is still teaching this style to many of his students. With this great knowledge and experience of all styles of guitar playing Vic now has over 100 students and teaches styles such as; Classical, Rock, Pop, Blues and also Bass guitar. With both his Conservatoire education and his early self taught methods Vic has gained a great balanced knowledge of both ways of learning. Because of this experience he is able to explain clearly, and break things down very easily for the student and can tailor each lesson to suite the individual.

Vic now teaches all ages ranging from children as young as 7, up until adults and is involved in large group teaching as well as individual.

Graded examinations are also a big part of his teaching and Vic enters students for exams with Trinity/Guildhall, ABRSM, LSM, and Rock School.



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